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Procurement of Heavy Wheeled Vehicles

FMV test heavy vehicles In 2012, the project carried out an assessment of 12 vehicles from four different suppliers. Photo: FMV.

FMV (the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration) and the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency (NDMA) have been managing a joint project for the procurement of heavy wheeled vehicles. In May 2014, this led to a framework agreement being established with the manufacturer of military trucks Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles RMMV. Thirteen different vehicle variants including maintenance are included in the framework agreement.

The Swedish Armed Forces are in great need of new heavy wheeled vehicles in several different vehicle variants. In order to meet this need, FMV has entered into a five-year framework agreement for procurement with the possibility to extend beyond the contract five plus a further two years. In addition, a five-year maintenance agreement has been signed with the supplier, which can then be renewed for consecutive periods of five years.

The demands for heavy wheeled vehicles are similar in Norway and Sweden, and consequently, FMV and FMA have chosen to collaborate in acquiring a joint framework agreement so as to benefit from  larger volumes and shared costs. FMA has managed the procurement itself but the project is jointly managed by both administrations.

On signing the framework agreement in 2014, Sweden subsequently placed an order for 215 vehicles while Norway ordered 120 vehicles. The first deliveries arrived in Sweden in August 2017.

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Caroline Viberg

Project Manager


Vehicles included in the framework agreement:

  • Heavy Equipment Transporter, HET Trailers
  • Hook Lift Truck
  • Dump Truck, Dump Truck Trailers
  • Recovery Truck I
  • Recovery Truck II
  • Cargo Truck with Crane
  • Cargo Truck 
  • High Mobility Truck
  • High Mobility Tanker Truck
  • Medium Truck
  • Airport Support Truck I 
  • Airport Support Truck II
  • Airport Tractor Truck

All vehicles, except for air bases, should be provided with protection for personnel.