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Helicopter 15

Helicopter 15

The design of Helicopter 15 is based on the civilian standard helicopter A109 Power from Leonardo, formerly AgustaWestland. It is to serve primarily as a tactical training helicopter but it can also perform rescue missions.

Helicopter crews training land and maritime missions require a helicopter that is less expensive to fly than the heavier helicopter systems.

FMV has delivered 20 helicopters, twelve operative over land and eight operative over sea. The maritime version of Helicopter 15 has ship-based capability and can integrate with the Visby corvette and with HMS Karlskrona.

Swedish version of British-Italian standard helicopter

FMV has procured an advanced version with stronger engines, increased protection and a number of modifications. Perhaps the most important modification is a new avionics system with a glass cockpit in which information is presented to the pilots on displays.

The helicopter has good mission flexibility due to a wide range of mission equipment. It can easily and quickly be reconfigured to suit the operational requirements of various mission profiles. The platform is mission-capable day or night (equipped with Night Vision Goggles (NVG)) and is designed to be able to fly in adverse weather conditions.

Helikopter 15 i luften


  • 2001 FMV signed the order for 20 helicopers with Agusta Westland
  • 2006 the first helicopters are delivered to FMV.
  • FMV has delivered all 20 helicopters to the Swedish Armed Forces

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Phone:+46 8 782 40 00
Fax:+46 8 667 57 99


  • Engines 2 Turbomeca Arrius 2K2
  • Length 11 metres
  • Width 2.88 metres
  • Total weight without load 2150 kg
  • Maximum weight 3200kg with external sling load
  • Maximum weight on cargo hook 1200kg
  • Maximum weight on winch 270kg
  • Maximum height 5600 metres
  • Maximum speed 310 km/h
  • Economical cruise speed 270 km/h
  • Maximum fuel capacity 2530 l
  • Maximum fuel consumption speed 500 l/h


  • Personnel and troop transport
  • Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC)
  • Surveillance
  • Under water surveillance and reconnaissance
  • Maritime Search and Rescue
  • Logistic and Utility Transport


  • Radar Honeywell Primus 701A
  • Emergency flotation system
  • Rappelling hooks
  • Infrared camera FLIR
  • Searchlight system SX-16, IR filter, mount for laser pointer
  • Machine gun Ksp 58
  • Winch
  • Stretchers
  • Link installation with sonobuoy launcher

 Avionics system

  • Complete glass cockpit. Tre Multi-Function Display, Com/Fight Management System and LCD reserve instruments
  •  VHF omnidirectional radio ranger (VOR), 4-axis autopilot system
  • Digital map
  • Two Multiband radio
  • GSM for voice and data
  • AIS transponder with encrypted data link capability
  • Identification friend or foe IFF transponder
  • Radar
  • Navigation system VOR/ILS, ADF, DME
  • Health and Usage Monitoring System
  • Sound and video memory