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June 1982

The Swedish Parliament approves the Government's proposals in the JAS-issue. On June 30, the contract between FMV and IG JAS is signed. It includes the development of the JAS project with five prototypes and an initial batch of 30 airplanes. In addition, an option for another 110 JAS39 planes by 2000 is signed.

September 1982

The new aircraft is named Gripen after a prize competition. Gripen is the Swedish word for Griffin - a mythological animal, half eagle and half lion. The first flight with ESS JAS, a modified Viggen with an electronic control system, is conducted.

April 1983

Swedish Parliament approves that the Government orders the first batch, consisting of 30 Gripen planes.

September 1987

The first flight with the Gripen radar in a rebuilt Viggen.

December 1988

On December 9, the first flight with the Gripen is implemented. Test pilot is Stig Holmstrom.

September 1992

Two Gripen planes participate for the first time at Air Show in Farnborough.

June 1993

The first serial airplane, airplane 39.102, is delivered to FMV on June 8th.

August 1993

Aircraft 39.102 breaks down at an air show over Riddarfjärden in Stockholm on August 8th. The pilot rescues himself uninjured by parachute. The Government appoints a Commission on JAS, and a report is presented in December. The reason for the accident is described as imbalances in the control system. Flight tests with Gripen resume.

March 1995

FMV starts flight operations with series planes on the Malmen base outside Linköping, Sweden.

November 1995

Saab-BAE Gripen AB is formed.

June 1996

The Gripen is officially introduced into the Swedish Air Force when the training facility Gripen Centre opens at Skaraborg Air Command on June 9th.

November 1996

The first two-seater series plane flies for the first time.

January 1997

On January 1st , a new joint venture is formed, Ericsson Saab Avionics AB.

December 1997

The first two-seater Gripen is delivered to FMV.

March 2000

The Swedish Parliament decides to reduce the number of Gripen divisions from twelve to eight.

March 2001

The 100th Gripen plane is delivered by the IG JAS to FMV.

December 2001

FMV signs an agreement with Hungary on the lease of 14 Jas 39 Gripens A / B over 10 years, 2005-2015

June 2002

Roll-in for Gripen in the F17 in Ronneby, Sweden.
The Swedish Air Force now has five operating Gripen divisions.
121 Gripen planes have been delivered as of June 30th. 
A total of about 35,000 missions and 25,000 flight hours have been flown with Gripen.

September 2002

On September 6th, the first unit of JAS39C is delivered from Saab to FMV. It takes place in Linköping where FMV's Director General, Birgitta Böhlin, symbolically receives the airplane by receiving the logbook from Saab Aerospace’s CEO Åke Svensson.

February 2003

FMV signs a supplementary agreement with Hungary, to the effect that Hungary will first lease and then buy the 14 Gripen planes. The aircraft will also be modified to be equivalent to the C/D version. The leasing period is postponed to 2006-2016.

June 2004

FMV signs a contract with the Czech Republic on the leasing of fourteen JAS 39 Gripen C/D for 10 years during 2005 to 2015.

September 2004

The first flight of JAS39 C in the Swedish Armed Forces is carried out on September 28th.

October 2004

The first Gripen plane for the Czech Republic flies on October 18th, at Saab in Linköping. It is also the first aircraft being considered for export. The aircraft is equipped in accordance with Czech specifications, and with Czech labeling.

2005 April-August

FMV delivers the 14 Gripen planes to the Czech air force base outside the city of Caslav in the Czech Republic.

March 2006

FMV delivers the first 5 Hungarian Gripen aircraft to the air base outside the city of Kesckemét in Hungary.

2007 September-October

The Swedish Government decides for Sweden to have 100 Gripen planes of the C/D version. FMV is given the task of negotiating  agreements with Saab for the modification from A/B to C/D version of 31 planes.

December 2007

FMV delivers the final Gripen airplanes under the agreement with Hungary. Thus, all 14 Gripen airplanes in the contract are delivered.

February 2008

FMV signs a contract with the Thai Air Force for the purchase of 6 Gripen aircraft and one Erieye system. Delivery will take place in early 2011.

November 2008

The last Gripen aircraft, of the 204 that the Swedish Air Force has ordered, is delivered to FMV.

November 2010

FMV signs a contract with the Thai Air Force to purchase an additional six Gripen aircraft and one Erieye system. The delivery of Gripen aircraft will take place in 2013.

February 2011

FMV delivers the first six Gripen to Thailand.

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