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Further Facts on Archer

Vehicle platform mounted with artillery piece Archer is closely followed by the ammunition resupply system. Photo: BAE Systems Bofors ABVehicle platform mounted with artillery piece Archer is closely followed by the ammunition resupply system. Photo: BAE Systems Bofors AB

The Archer system brings a completely new dimension to precision combat operations in large areas. All parts of the system are vital for the quality and capabilities of the final product and it is the combination of the system's various components which makes this piece unique in comparison to existing artillery systems.

Artillery Piece System

Archer is a next-generation, self-propelled artillery system which has improved upon the former Bofors-produced Fälthaubits 77B (Field Howitzer 77B). Fully automated and autonomous, all its systems for artillery fire are integrated. The most significant difference is the fully automatic charging system and new lengthened barrel.

The Archer piece system has both high-speed firing and extensive range. In addition, it has the capability to fire different kind of shells, such as grenades, flares, armor piercing shells and precision grenades, smoke, light, Bonus and Excalibur rounds.

The weapon station is mounted on a Volvo articulated vehicle A30E. Archer’s fast deployment and rapid fire capability makes the system effective and increases the safety of the unit on operations. Readiness state is achieved in less than 30 seconds, compared with the previous time of 10 minutes.

The vehicle platform A30E has been extended to enable placement of the gun and modified slightly in order to meet the requirements of the Swedish Armed Forces. One such modification is that the cabin has been fitted with bullet and fragmentation-proof windows.

The Archer piece is equipped with a remote weapon station, Protector, delivered by Norwegian company, Kongsberg A/S, to provide close protection of the piece. It is operated from the gunner’s position inside the cabin.


The fully automated system solution makes Archer unique and is a revolutionary change in the use of artillery systems. The crew never need to exit the piece itself, which increases safety significantly during combat and when redeploying.

Ammunition Resupply System

Along with the delivery of 24 Archer pieces, 24 ammunition resupply units will also be delivered. Ammunition resupply units are required for reloading ammunition on Archer. The system consists of a modified standard container mounted on an armoured vehicle, or Ammunition Resupply Vehicle (ARV).

Ammunition resupply on Archer takes about 10 minutes and this is the only time a member of the crew has to leave the system. The ammunition is loaded onto Archer using hoisting equipment.


Archer will be delivered to the Swedish Armed Forces and entered into service by the Artillery Regiment A9 in Boden. Education and training for operating prototypes of Archer pieces and ammunition resupply units is already underway.

Photo: BAE Systems Bofors ABEach Archer piece will be manned by 3-4 operators, which improves significantly on the need for 10-12 operators on Archer's predecessor.

Archer is configured according to the NATO standard and can be adapted for international environments, which enables the Swedish Defense to be more interoperable with the defense forces and equipment of other states. Considering the high demand on collaborative ability among states made by modern military operations, this is a major advantage.

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