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Submitting a tender and ordering specifications

Submitting a tender in digital form

Tenders must be submitted in accordance with instructions in the published
Contract Document.

Submitting a tender in paper form

Tenders must be submitted in a sealed envelope without any logo. The envelope should be marked with:

  • Tender
  • FMV reference
  • Closing date for submission of tenders

Tenders submitted by fax must be complete and you must also submit the original tender signed by the tenderer personally.

Tenders in paper form, and in relevant cases samples, should be addressed to:

Swedish Defence Materiel Administration

Fax: +46 8 661 82 20

Tenders in paper form, and in relevant cases samples, may be submitted to

FMV goods reception on weekdays from  7.15 am to 4.30 pm.

Please call the goods reception at +46 8 782 46 60 before you arrive. To make sure that they stay open as usual the day you plan to submit your tender.

Värtavägen 40

At other hours, tenders may be submitted to

Central guard
Banérgatan 62

Order specifications

You can download the specifications for current procurements on the e-Avrop website.

Find the files and information by clicking on the link to the right and sign up.

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Phone:+46 8 782 40 00


FMV publishes procurements on
e-Avrop (a database for procurements and agreements), where potential suppliers can monitor selected procurements or CPV-codes for areas of interest.

For link to e-Avrop, please see below.

In accordance with Swedish procurement law, FMV also publishes certain procurements on Tender Electronic Daily (TED), which is EU:s official database for procurements.

For link to TED, please see below.