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Notes on tender submission

Become familiar with the specification and the criteria for the evaluation of tenders.

Structure your tender! Arrange different parts in the same order and use the same headings as in the specification.

Check that all the requirements are answered and that a general description of what we ask for in the specifications is included.

Do not state your own requirements or suggestions about changes in the structure, time, volume, and the like. This may mean that we can not compare your bid with the others. If you have suggestions, it is better to submit several tenders, but the first must always meet the requirements of the specifications.

By registering with e-Avrop, you will automatically be notified if and when the information about the procurement is updated. Remember to monitor the e-mail address you entered at registration. Always check for new information before you submit your tender. Even if you have not ordered the specifications directly from e-Avrop, you are responsible to check for clarifications and supplements​​.

Do you have any further questions?

If you have general questions regarding the procurement process, please contact the Tenders Office (Anbudskontoret).

If you think that the specifications are unclear or vague, please contact the administrator in charge.  It is important that any misunderstandings be avoided. Contact details can be found in the specifications.

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