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  • Test area Vättern

Information is given on phonenumber +46 505 404 60


Riskarea no.5, according to map over Vättern, is also frequently used in the night-time. Firings may be performed without flashing beacon light.

Further information is given on phonenumber +46 505181 00

Under exceptional circumstances areas outside the above mentioned might be used as risk areas.

Warning beacons

Warning beacons are lit 30 min before firing begins and are alight during whole exercise. The bacons are very quick flashing type with white light. VQW

Patrol boats

Patrol boats are equipped with very quick flashing yellow lights. VQY

The information centre Sjöbevakning Karlsborg

The information centre can give you information about risk areas for scheduled activity and the extension from the shore, or the warning beacons, for the risk areas.


For information in Swedish call:
+ 46 20 76 40 00

For information in English call:
+ 46 505 404 60
1st June – 1st Sept only

Radio call 

"Sjöbevakning Karlsborg" (Lake patrol) VHF Chanel 14

Lake patrol

Lake patrol in Vättern is co-ordinated by Göteborg Radio in cooperation with SSRS and FMV Surveillance centre and patrol boats Karlsborg.

In distress you are allowed to make land at any port in Vättern.


"The Legal Right of Access to Private Land" is not only rights.


  • Not to moor your boat, go ashore on or bathe from private grounds or where access is forbidden
  • Not to make fires on bare rock and when there is high risk of fire
  • Not to leave litter or damage property
  • To find out the regulations in force for nature reserves and other protected nature areas
  • To find out about current fishing regulations.

Nature reserves

Lake Vättern and it's surroundings have several valuable nature areas that are protected as nature reserves. You are welcome to visit these sites. At each nature reserve you will find more information about the nature, paths and rules.


If you find ammunition do not touch it. Report the find immediately to the police on 112.

 Firing range Danger area Warning beacon
 Hammarnäset 1A, 1B  Hammarnäset
 Nytorp 2  Nytorp
 Karlsborg 5 Fästningen 
 Kråk  Kråk
 Enebågsudde, Sidön 7, 8  Enebågsudde, Hammarsudde
 Motala 10A, 10B   Klubbudden


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