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  • Vidsel Test Range

    Vidsel Test Range

The Vidsel Test Range is located in northern Sweden, and is Europe's largest overland test range. With more than 50 years of experience in testing, we are a reliable and competent partner for product development and evaluation, as well as for military testing and training activities.

Over the years there has been a wide scope of systems that have been tested at the range from parachutes, to portable complete air traffic control, ATC-systems, to space shuttles. But the mainstream of testing consists of different types of aircraft and air-, land- and seaborne missiles, alongside a wide scale of unmanned aerial vehicle, UAV, systems.

In the 10,000 km² of restricted airspace and up to 3,300 km² of restricted ground space, thorough evaluation programs can be executed efficiently with few restrictions from other air or ground activities.

Live firings are regularly performed, meeting high safety requirements. The Test Range is highly suited for the undisturbed testing of sensor systems, as radio interference levels are very low throughout the range. The test facilities are secure and well-suited for testing new products, being located in a remote area of Sweden with large restricted ground areas.

Another advantage of the Test Range is that it is independent of aircraft and munitions manufacturers, reducing conflicts of interest.

Photo over the test range in Vidsel.Instrumentation is according to the latest standards, allowing complex test and evaluation, T&E, activities to be performed with high reliability and exact results.

The Range also offers possibilities for realistic tactical forces training activities, including a combination of: Free manouvering on all altitudes including tree-top level, Electronic Warefare (EW) Range, Countermeasures, Jamming and practice bombing, as well as Strafing and Rocket firing against realistic targets.

From an international perspective we can offer extremely short handling time from request to performance, normally a couple of months, compared to most other ranges need for years.

My staff  and I truly wish you welcome to the Vidsel Test Range for a professional visit.

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Stefan Kriegholm


Stefan Kriegholm

Commander of Vidsel Test Range
Phone:+46 929 37 100
Mobile:+46 70 577 97 57


Flygfoto - Vidsel Test Range

  • Air area size: 8000 km²
  • Land area size: 3300 km²
  • Employees: approximately 100
  • The area is largely a nature reserv

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