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  • Test Center for Naval Units - Karlskrona

The Test Center for Naval Systems is located in the city of Karlskrona.


Test and Evaluation is a result-orientated department within FMV, the Swedish National Defence Materiel Administration. The operational area within the naval domain, Naval Systems, is based in Karlskrona. The main principal of FMV is the Swedish Armed Forces, but also performs verification and validation on behalf of foreign governments and international companies.


Marine operations were initiated in Karlskrona when the Naval Base and shipyard were established in 1670–1680. Ship building along with component testing has been performed there ever since. It is now carried out as V&V, verification and validation activities, within the business area FMV Naval Test Ranges.

Naval Systems

  • Converts requirement specifications into V&V plans and evaluation specifications
  • Plans, administers, implements and reports verification and validation
  • Co-operates with the rest of FMV, the armed forces, other national authorities, Swedish companies and international clients
  • Possesses qualified competence concerning marine technology systems
  • Is oriented with regard to applicable laws, regulations, requirements and other rules with regard to the marine technology systems
  • Is involved early in FMV projects, in order to contribute with experience and technological competence, and takes part when deciding on the requirements to be included in specifications

FMV Naval Test Ranges also have access to unique naval test areas and facilities in order to manage above- and sub-surface weapons testing, as well as advanced training.

Present and coming Naval Systems projects

  • New building of A26 submarine
  • Half-time modification of five Koster class minehunters
  • Upgrade of the Gothenburg class corvettes
  • Modification of submarines
  • Verification of superstructures on behalf of an international client

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