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  • Karlsborg and Skövde Test Range

    A test is performed at the largest catch box i Europe, located at the Karlsborg Test Range

    The largest catch box i Europe

The Test Centers in Karlsborg and Skövde are the establishments within the FMV Test & Evaluation Directorate. The Test Center conduct the evaluation and validation of land combat systems such as vehicle systems, ammunition, weapon systems, C3 systems and protection systems. During all stages of an acquisition process – from development, through operational use, to phase-out – advanced testing and validation are carried out on equipment to make sure that all the requirements and operational specifications are met.

The environment chamber at FMV:s testcenter in Karlsborg. Photo: FMVThe environment chamber at FMV:s testcenter in Karlsborg. Photo: FMV

The T&E Land Systems' major locations for facilities and resources are the cities of Karlsborg and Skövde in the southwestern part of Sweden.

Mobility and performance tests for both tracked and wheeled vehicles are conducted at the Test Center in Skövde. The test range in Skövde offers, among other resources, access to a 50 km² exercise and training field.

The Karlsborg test center provides resources for the evaluation of ammunition and various weapon-systems.

They also offer tests regarding different kind of armors such as ballistic-, mine- and IED-protection for vehicles and humans. Furthermore the center provides environmental tests.

The Karlsborg Test Center has since 1942 been responsible to ensure that the storage of ammunition for the Swedish Armed Forces is functional and secure.

At the test site in Karlsborg there are two fixed firing ranges with associated buildings for management, communications, physical measurements and tempering of ammunition. Test of ammunition and weapon-systems are also performed in Älvdalen. The same facilities are available for mobile use. That way the facilities can be installed at other locations within the test center or elsewhere in the world.

Environmental tolerance testing of ammunition and other systems are also performd at the test center. There are a number of facilities that create environmental conditions that are similar climate zones from the arctic to the tropics.

The test center also provides possibilities to test aging of ammunition and other equipment. The purpose of the tests is to determent which effect aging will have on the equipment and how they will react over time.


  • The maximum shooting distance over country: Karlsborg 2000 meters, Älvdalen 31000 meters
  • The maximum shooting distance over water: Karlsborg 58000 m
  • Maximum blast: Karlsborg 30 kg Älvdalen 2000 kg

Environmental Testing

Maximum cold -52 C, maximum heat +63 C, sunlight radiation maximum 1120 W / m2, water pressure down to 200 m, moisture, fire, vibration, shaking and drop tests.

The largest catch box in Europe at FMVs´ test center in Karlsborg. Photo: FMV

The largest Catch box in Europe

Karlsborgs test center offers a catch box measuring 25x24x35 meters. For example the catch box is used for:

  • Tests with active and passive vehicle protection

  • Drop test with high risk of explosion

  • X-ray for the recording of what happens behind the fire and smoke

  • Registration with high-speed video

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Anders Hedman


Anders Hedman

Manager of Test and Evaluering Land systems


The field of action for T&E Land Systems covers test and evaluation or:

Combat and vehicle systems

  • Mobility and performance
  • Environmental tolerance
  • Protection
  • Sensor systems
  • Battlefield management systems
  • Unmanned ground vehicles

Environmental factors

  • Vibration
  • Acoustic
  • Blast overpressure
  • Equipment


  • Performance
  • Environmental tolerance
  • Safety, surveillance
  • Modification and manipulation
  • Development

Weapon system evaluation

  • Environmental tolerance
  • Protection
  • Battlefield management system
  • Sensor systems
  • Systems integration
  • Functional/performance
  • Small arms to large caliber
  • Remote operated weapon stations

Protection technology

  • Ballistic protection
  • Mine protection
  • Threats
  • Thermobaric
  • Body armour


  1. Test area Vättern

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