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Handbook on System Safety

For all procurement, modification, renovation and decommissioning of materiel (from 1 January 2011), a decision must be taken as to whether and to what extent system safety activities should be conducted in accordance with H SystSäk E.


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H SystSäk E 2011 Part 1 – Common defines the grounds for the Armed Forces' system safety activities by specifying the principles for basic risk management and the defining of requirements; it also specifies the appropriate roles, responsibilities and tasks from a lifespan perspective, and their interaction. Certain organizations/roles are mentioned specifically; for example Owner Representative (ÄF), the organization with design responsibility (DesignA) and the supplier.

H SystSäk E 2011 Part 2 – Methods describes methods for reporting the activities (system safety tools) that form a part of the Armed Forces' system safety methodology. In several cases, reference is made to MIL-STD-882C (pdf). Furthermore, general system safety requirements for development, manufacture and maintenance are specified.