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Flight Physiological Center (FFC)

The Flight Physiological Center (FFC) is located in Malmslätt, Sweden just outside Linköping. Here you can find expertise and equipment for testing and training in the aerospace medical field.

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There is a dynamic simulator that combines the centrifuge ability to produce G-forces with a flight simulator. This means that the pilot will be as close to the actual flight situation as is possible while still remaining on the ground. The dynamic flight simulator is world class. This so-called fourth-generation G-simulator is a combination of a traditional G-spin and a flight simulator.

Dynamic flight simulator

The simulator exposes the pilot to high forces with a fast G-increase combined with a realistic flight experience, including business intelligence presentations. The maximum G-force is 15 G and maximum G-increase is 10 G per second.

DFS is used for basic and advanced G-training, research in the HCI (human computer interface) area, aerospace medical research and testing/development of aero-operator equipment.

There is also an under-and overpressure chamber, and a pool with the ability to create different weather conditions for survival training.

FMV has signed a ten-year contract with QinetiQ Sweden AB for the operation of FFC. The agreement took effect on 1 January 2011.

QinetiQ Sweden AB
Flight Physiological Centre
P.O Box 1541
SE-581 15, Linkoping
SE-581 15

Tel: 44 (0) 8700 100 942
email: Show e-mail address.

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