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F5 BIG-IP 13.1.1 for LTM+AFM FWcPP

F5 BIG-IP 13.1.1 for LTM+AFM from F5 Networks, Inc. was certified by CSEC on June 19th 2019. The certificate is valid for CCRA.

Certification IDCSEC 2017016
Validity CCRA
Product Name

Software Version: 13.1.1 build 13.1.1-0.0.4 with EHF

Hardware appliances: i5600, i5800, i5820-DF, i7600, i7800, i7820-DF, i10600, i10800, 10350v-F,
i11800-DS, i15800, B2250, B4450N, C2400-AC, and C4480-AC

Product Category Network traffic management
Security Target Security Target v0.14 (pdf)
Assurance Package

FWcPP v2.0 + Errata 20180314 and EAL 1 + ASE_SPD.1

Certificate Date 2019-06-19
Certification Report Certification Report F5 BIG-IP FWcPP (pdf)

Certificate CCRA F5 BIG-IP FWcPP (pdf)

Sponsor F5 Networks, Inc.
Developer F5 Networks, Inc.
Evaluation Facility atsec information security AB

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