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New version of the Swedish Scheme

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A new release of the Swedish Scheme has been issued, version 1.14. Changes are described in the Release Notes.

The main changes are mentioned below.

In SP-002 Evaluation and Certification:

  • the first part of the process has been re-named from Pre-evaluation till Start-of-evaluation
  • some basic requirements on the ST have been made explicit
  • there are new requirements on the evaluator to obtain and use the developers Test Report in order to judge the depth and coverage
  • directions for evaluator competence assessment have been added
  • the formal requirements on the format of the FER are made a little less specific
  • the formal requirements on archiving a certified product are increased

In SP-004 Licensing of Evaluation Facilities:

  • the time-limit for the ITSEF license is removed and license surveillance with site-visits will take place at regular intervals, which may be longer than 12 months
  • requirements on the ITSEF have been clarified and the requirements covered by ISO/IEC 17025-accreditation are no longer listed
  • during license assessment (and re-assessment), the requirements covered by ISO/IEC 17025-accreditation will no longer be routinely checked.
  • a procedure for extending the scope of a license has been added
  • evaluator competence requirements have been clarified
  • the ITSEF responsibility is clarified regarding that staffing with appropriate competence is done
  • licensing procedures have been simplified by eliminating the "Conditional stage"
  • Trial Evaluation procedures have been clarified.

SP-008 Charges and Fees has been clarified regarding VAT.

SP-188 Scheme Crypto Policy has been updated with an Appendix which describes an alternative handling of evaluations used by the Swedish Defence/Swedish NCSA.

In addition, some mostly editorial changes have been made in other documents.

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