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Sensors Symposium 2014

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Photo: The Neuron UAV plattform, Saab AB.Photo: The Neuron UAV plattform, Saab AB.

The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration – FMV – arranges the Sensors Symposium 2014 in co-operation with the Swedish Armed Forces. The Symposium is organized biennially. The objective is to raise the competence of the armed forces' and defence organisations' personnel regarding our sensor systems and the information they generate. Sensors Symposium 2014 will look into the capability needs of the Swedish Armed Forces for the next ten to fifteen years. It will also address the priorities identified by other nations.

First draft programme (19 June 2014) now for download as a pdf-document Sensors Symposium 2014 with final programme

The development of new sensor systems for a changed military environment, with new challenges, is the focus of this year’s event. Based on the Swedish Armed Forces’ Long Term Planning report 2013, a handful of areas have been identified as specifically important; and the presentations will be chosen to cover the capability requirements, possible technical solutions and what the civilian market can offer (or not) to the required defence research and development.


Sensors Symposium 2014 will look into the capability needs of the Swedish Armed Forces for the next ten to fifteen years. It will also address the priorities identified by other nations.

Identified capability areas will include all forces but the main focus will be on the ground forces. It is inevitable that some capabilities cannot be reached without a joint vision.

A knowledge, that has come to be more and more recognized over the last years, is that single sensor types or stand-alone systems are not adequate when compared to the possibilities offered by multi-sensors, sensor suites or combined sensors.

We will also address sensor systems architecture as one important area and new technologies like 3D and multi- and hyperspectral imaging.

Experiences from fielded systems or tests with new capability concepts will complement the more technical presentations.

The symposium will be held over two days. All presentations will be held in English, with one or two possible exceptions.

In connection with the symposium an exhibition will be arranged.

Date and place

The Symposium will be held in the Cinema Victor at Filmhuset (Swedish Film Institute), Borgvägen 1, Stockholm, on the 10-11 September, 2014.

Applications for attendance, presentation and exhibition

The Symposium is free of charge and open to personnel of military establishements and the defence industry. If you wish to attend the symposium, please apply by e-mail to Show e-mail address., no later than August 31, 2014.

Write ”SS14: Application” in the subject line. If you wish to apply to hold a presentation or to exhibit, use the e-mail address above and write "SS14: Presentation" or "SS14: Exhibition" in the subject line. Include name, organization and your contact information such as telephone number (preferably to a mobile phone for SMS notes) and email address (if not the same as the delivering the email address).

In the event that the symposium is overbooked FMV reserves the right to give prioriy to personnel from the SwAF, FMV and FOI. FMV also reserves the right to choose those presentations that best fit the objective of the conference. Those companies or organizations that will hold presentations will be guaranteed a space in the exhibition area, if required. All others requests to exhibit will be handled up to the limits of the exhibition area.

Information and contact

Information regarding the Sensors Symposium 2014 will be found at the FMV website, (see About FMV/ Information FMV/Courses and seminars). For questions use the e-mail: Show e-mail address..

Invitation Sensors Symposium 2014

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