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JAS 39 Gripen shows world class

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In August the Thai Air Force participated with the JAS 39 Gripen Air Craft in the international exercise Pitch Black 2014. The Thais are very satisfied. Aeronautically the Gripen has performed excellent and in some cases its performance has been world class, according to Anders Engström, FMV.

Every second year the Royal Australian Air Force hosts the international exercise Pitch Black. Participants in the 2014 year exercise, executed from the bases in Darwin and Tindal, was apart from the Australian Royal Air Force, the United States Air Force, the Republic of Singapore Air Force, the Royal New Zealand Air Force and the Royal Thai Air Force. 

This was the first exercise abroad that the Thai Air Force participated in with the JAS Gripen, and everything functioned perfectly according to Anders Engström.

During the exercise the Gripen Air Craft participated in approximately 170 flights lasting a total of more than 270 flight hours. Of these flights only three had to be aborted previous to the end of the exercise. No one has been close to this statistics earlier. It’s even better than the American F-15E and the Australian F-18E, and it has made a great impression upon the participating countries.

World-wide deployment

Gripen on the groundAnders Engström mean that this shows that the Swedish concept, also sold to the Czech Republic, Hungary and Thailand, works in a very good way. In the concept, apart from the aircraft, it is also included technical support, maintenance, spare parts and replace units. Also, a Swedish support group from the Swedish Air Force is stationed at the Thai air-base to assist in the maintenance of the aircraft. 

“We have built an ability that can be used world-wide. This shows that Gripen has the capacity to leave the home base and fly for over a month with small impact on the flight performance. It also shows that we are able to support our customers when operating abroad.”

Photo: Australian Air Force and Lars-Åke Edfeldt


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