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FMV orders development of the aircraft JAS 39 E

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During the development of the aircraft JAS 39 the FMV uses demonstrator versions of the new aircraft in order to test new technologies.During the development of the aircraft JAS 39 the FMV uses demonstrator versions of the new aircraft in order to test new technologies.

FMV has, within the frame-work of development of the JAS 39 Gripen E, put orders on maintenance systems, support systems and pre work for the production. The total order value is approximately 5,8 billion SEK.

The order FMV signed with the SAAB company is the next step in the further development of the E-version of the Flight System JAS 39.

The order we place now is according to plan and is a direct consequence of the decision the Government made the 28’th of August this year, that the development and procurement of the JAS 39 E shall be pursued in accordance to plan, says Dan Averstad manager of the Gripen programme at FMV.

The orders are parts of the general agreement that FMV and SAAB negotiated during 2012 and 2013 and that was signed in February 2013. Some remaining parts are to be ordered at a later time.


The contract concerning further development of the JAS 39 from February 2013 covers development and modifications of sixty JAS 39 Gripen E for the Swedish Armed Forces. Delivery of the aircraft starts 2018 and is anticipated to end in 2026.

With the new JAS 39 Gripen E the Armed Forces will have access to an aircraft system with new and extended abilities in order to meet future operational demands.

The new version of the JAS 39 will, among other things, have a stronger engine, higher fuel storage capability giving extended range and endurance, higher weapon loading capability and a higher overall storage capability.

A new radar with an electronically controlled antenna (AESA), upgraded system for presentation in the cockpit and modern avionic are all making it easier for the pilot to successfully perform his mission.

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