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Cargo-Aircraft cooperation under FMV lead

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The association of twelve countries that governs the cooperation for heavy air transports, Strategic Airlift Capability SAC, has become a Swedish Chairman. Olle Hultgren from FMV takes over the chairmanship during the next year.

Olle HultgrenOlle Hultgren was recently appointed chairman of the NATO Airlift Management Programme Board. This is a cooperation of twelve countries that governs the tasks of Strategic Airlift Capability, SAC.

Sweden is the second largest user of flight capacity after the USA. Sweden was also in the lead forming the SAC, stating that it is better to share the costs for heavy transport aircrafts among more users than that each country should make their own investments in this type of aircraft.

Countries participating in the SAC, except Sweden, are Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Lithuania, Netherland, Norway, Poland, Rumania, Slovenia and the USA. The organisation is since 2009 operating three transport aircraft of the type C-17 Globemaster III.

Procurement and operation of the cargo aircraft is regulated in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed 2008 and valid for 30 years. Sweden has access to 550 flight hours per year through the SAC cooperation.

Sweden has used the SAC for transports to and from Afghanistan, delivery of Helicopter 16 from the USA and transports in connection with modifications of the helicopter at the US Army. The SAC was furthermore used for transportation of rescue equipment to Haiti after the earthquake in 2011.

SAC sorts under the NATO Support Organisation (NSPO) with Head-quarter in Capellen, Luxemburg.

Flight operations are conducted at Heavy Airlift Wing (HAW) at the Pápa Air Force Base in central Hungary. HAW is staffed with personnel from all participating countries.

SAC Steering Board and NATO manage the activities at the HAW. The Airlift Management Programme Board (NAM PB) shall reassure that the MoU is followed and that the HAW has the right prerequisites for conducting the operations concerning economy, organisation, personnel, training, infrastructure, aircraft, spare parts, maintenance equipment and other logistics.

NAM PB is staffed by one member from each participating country and a Chairman. The tasks of the Chairman are to organize and manage the work within the NAM PB. The Chairman is elected for the period of one year with the possibility of extension twice.

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