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Torpedo cooperation is up and running with Finland

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The outlook on HMS Carlskrona spans the Baltic Sea. The shallow inner sea that gives Sweden and Finland common conditions for hunting submarines. Photo: Jimmie Adamsson, Swedish Armed Forces.

Cost efficiency regarding maintenance, opportunity for future further development of torpedo system 47 and exchange of experience utilizing the Anti-Submarine Warfare(ASW)-torpedo. These are some of the benefits of torpedo cooperation between Sweden and Finland.

The cooperation concerns a number of areas in torpedo systems for ASW, ranging from the lending of torpedo systems 45 to collaborative development, verification, integration and training of torpedo system 47 as well as future cooperation during the entire life cycle of torpedo system 47. 

In order for the cooperation to work for a long time, there will be a steering committee to monitor and make decisions within the framework of the agreement. All practical work in cooperation will be conducted within a working group. At the start-up meeting, the steering committee and the working group were given the opportunity to meet in order to determine how the work will be conducted. 

– The focus of the meeting was to create the conditions for long cooperation based on the signed agreements. We looked at how practical work should be done. I would say that we laid the foundation for good cooperation, says Odd Werin, Head of Naval System Department, at FMV. 

As Saab Dynamics is the supplier responsible to develop, manufacture and integrate torpedo systems 47 for Sweden (syftningsfel annars) and against Finland to manufacture and integrate torpedo systems 47, they will also be involved in the cooperation. By the start-up meeting conducted at their Motala facility, an exhibition of the affected systems was set up. This gave a good input to the initial work within the working group. 

– This cooperation creates the conditions for coordination and thus lower costs for maintaining and further developing torpedo systems 47. In addition to that we can also share experience, says Odd Werin. 

Odd Werin also opens up for this cooperation to provide enhanced opportunities for cooperation in ASW conducted within the Swedish Finnish Naval Task Group. 

– We will also explore the possibilities for, for example, future development of torpedo systems 47, education and user groups throughout the life cycle of the torpedo system.

Simo Laine, Chief of Marine Systems Division at Finnish Defence Logistic Command (FDF LogCom), concludes that the collaboration is a way to find economic benefits and benefits in logistics and education.

– We have now laid the foundation for an important cooperation in the underwater area that will benefit both Finland and Sweden.

The steering committee in the Swedish-Finnish cooperation in the torpedo area gathered. Odd Werin and Roger Lundkvist från FMV flanking Simo Laine and Kristian Isberg från FDF LogCom. 

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