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About FMV: in plain language

FMV helps Sweden's defence and military to have good and safe equipment.

By equipment we mean:

  • Aircraft
  • Ships
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • and more

We buy the equipment from both Swedish and international companies. There are many rules when you buy things like this and we are careful to get it right.

FMV makes sure that the equipment is available where it is needed and that it is repaired if it is damaged.

The Swedish soldiers and sailors use the equipment when they do exercise and if they have to defend Sweden.

Sometimes they use the equipment in other countries, helping the people there to make peace.

FMV always tests that everything is correct before giving the equipment to those who ordered it.

We also work together with other countries to make the equipment better.

FMV is an authority working for the Swedish Government.

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Tel +46 8 782 40 00

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