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New version of the Swedish Scheme

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A new release of the Swedish Scheme has been issued, version 1.17. The new version is valid from 2 December 2014. Changes are described in the Release Notes. The most important changes are described below.

SP-001 Certification and Evaluation Scheme - Scheme Overview:

  • Changes in the section about complaints and appeals. The certification body does no longer handle Disputes between stakeholders in the certification scheme.
  • The statement about cerifikation beeing the formal approval of a product is removed.

SP-002 Evaluation and Certification:

  • Clarified that the certifiers normally do not participate in Testing or Site Visits during certifications on EAL1 or EAL2.
  • Defined as the evaluators' responsibility to analyse which Supporting Documents within the CCRA or SOGIS that areapplicable to the evaluation, as well as how to use them.
  • All writings about that the certifier issues verdicts during the certification process are removed.
  • The requirement that the sponsor requests transition to the Conclusion Phase, in writing, is removed.
  • A large number of editorial changes and corrections of direct errors has been made. It is not expected to affect the Sponsor or ITSEF.

SP-004 Licensing of Evaluation:

  • ITSEF is no longer required to make their information about risk analysis available to CSEC for supervisory visits within the scope of licensing.

SP-196 Certification Application with Terms - Form och SP-199 Certification Application with Terms (FMV) – Form:

  • A section in which the sponsor can specify any special requirements for confidentiality has been introduced.

The most important change is the one about Supporting Documents.

In addition to the changes in the Scheme Publications, FMV/CSEC has implemented a large number of corrections in our Quality Management System. Among other things, the certification process has changed which in some cases may mean that you will encounter a different behavior from the certifiers and that you might make contact with new roles within the certification body.

You will find a complete accounting of introduced changes in the "Release Notes Scheme Publications - release 1/17"

If you have questions or concerns regarding this, please contact CSEC.

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