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Reference Environment for Command and Control Systems

Using copies of current and future command and control systems, FMV has been conducting tests to ensure that systems integrate seamlessly with each other and can be developed and upgraded without affecting capability and performance. The goal is to deliver an integrated command and control system to the Swedish Armed Forces' Rapid Reaction Organisation in 2017.

Command and control systems constitute complex IT multisystems, and it is FMV's task to integrate all subsystems and ensure that they are compatible with each other. In order for engineers to create a final design and verify functions, it is necessary to have the systems physically available in front of them. Therefore, FMV has built a test environment to mimic a battalion and brigade staff environment in the field.

Testing in an authentic environment

In authentic tents and containers, FMV tests whether the equipment has sufficient physical space, electrical power and cooling. We verify that all parts work together and provide the effect specified by the customer at a technical level. Any small upgrade or change is tested and verified before implementation in deployed systems.

Flexibility through virtualisation

FMV uses virtualisation for testing. This involves replacing specialised equipment with programmes running on computers or servers. In this way, the test scenario in the facility becomes flexible and can easily expand or change while minimising costs. All configurations are saved for later reuse in further tests, training or exercises.

Long-term operation

On delivery of the command and control system for the Swedish Armed Forces' Rapid Reaction Organisation in 2017, the reference facility will remain in operation at FMV. This is, in part, to verify software upgrades and partly to verify those parts of the system that have been exchanged or which are new.


  • 2012 Construction of the reference environment began.
  • 2015 Current projects began to integrate the command and control system for the 2017 rapid reaction organisation.
  • 2016 A concept for the virtualization of Secret / Restricted Environments was developed and its application began.
  • 2017 Delivery of the command and control system for the Armed Forces' Rapid Reaction Organisation 2017 (IO17) in a first version. In 2016, work also began on producing the next version.

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Rabbi Mohsin Pracic


Rabbi Mohsin Pracic

Project Manager


A command and control system constitutes a number of components that enable the Armed Forces to exercise authority and direction in order to accomplish missions in conflict situations. It consists largely of software, servers, clients and network products. Command and control systems enable the Armed Forces to communicate both in an office landscape and in the field; their structure and organisation may differ significantly depending on the location and context of an operation.

The reference facility is a construction located in the Swedish Defence Forces Development Center (UtvC) in Enköping.

It is approximately 400 square meters and consists of three to four tents, three containers and a number of configured vehicles, including tracked all-terrain carriers and armored vehicles.

FMV also has reference environments for testing of command and control systems used in Swedish operations abroad, such as the UN Mali peacekeeping mission.

FMV reference environments can be linked to other reference facilities, both Swedish and overseas, and are intended for both national and international collaboration.