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Further Facts on JAS 39 Gripen

JAS 39 Gripen was and is a research and development project at the forefront of technology. It is arguably the most advance JAS 39 Gripen was and is a research and development project at the forefront of technology. It is arguably the most advanced research project in the history of Swedish industry. A major part of the work involves the development and application of new technology in several areas.

Research began in the 1970s on a replacement for the combat aircraft Viggen. The vision was to design a multi-role aircraft with fighter, attack and reconnaissance capabilities.

Tunnan, Lansen, Draken and Viggen have all been manufactured in a number of versions for various types of mission. The names of past model variants AJ 37, JA 37 and AJS 37 reflect the gradual progression of the Viggen system towards achieving the vision.

During the design phase, engineers aimed to find an optimal combination of capabilities that corresponded to the requirements. Key areas that emerged were mobility of the nose in combination with an electronic flight control system. This not only fulfilled the requirements just then, but also enhanced the potential for future unconventional solutions.

In JAS 39 Gripen, FMV has succeeded in combining the roles of Fighter/Attack/Reconnaissance in the same combat aircraft, creating a small, fuel-efficient fighter aircraft with simplified maintenance and high availability. Consequently, the cost per flight hour (CPFH) and total lifetime cost will be lower than for other similar aircraft systems. 






FMV signs contract for the development of the JAS 39 Gripen including five prototypes and a first series of 30 aircraft. In addition, the option of an additional 110 JAS 39 aircraft by the year 2000.








First flight with ESS JAS, a modified Viggen with an electronic control system








First flight with Gripen radar in a modified JA37 Viggen.



      First Gripen flight.          



The first serial airplane, airplane 39.102, is delivered to FMV. Aircraft 39.102 breaks down at an air show over Riddarfjärden in Stockholm. The reason for the accident is described as imbalances in the control system.          








FMV commences flight operations in which aircraft are assigned serial numbers.



      First flight for two-seater series aircraft.          


      First two-seater Gripen is delivered to FMV.          


      100th Gripen plane is delivered to FMV.           



FMV signs an agreement with Hungary on the lease of 14 Jas 39 Gripens A / B over 10 years, 2005-2015.







      121 Gripen aircraft have been delivered.          



First JAS 39C Gripen variant is delivered from Saab to FMV.




FMV signs a supplementary agreement with Hungary, to the effect that Hungary will first lease and then buy the 14 Gripen planes.








FMV signs a contract with the Czech Republic on the leasing of fourteen JAS 39 Gripen C/D for 10 years during 2005 to 2015.








First flight of JAS39 C in the Swedish Armed Forces was completed on September 28.




As agreed, FMV delivers 14 Gripen aircraft to the Czech Republic.



      FMV delivers the five first Gripen aircraft to Hungary.          



Swedish government decision to order 100 Gripen planes of the C/D version for Sweden. FMV negotiates agreement with Saab for the modification of 31 JAS A/B aircrafts to C/D variant. FMV delivers the final Gripen aircraft under the agreement with Hungary.   








FMV signs a contract with the Thai Air Force for the purchase of six Gripen aircraft and one Erieye system.








The last Gripen aircraft, of the 204 ordered by Swedish Air Force, is delivered to FMV.








FMV signs a contract with the Thai Air Force to purchase a further six Gripen aircraft and one Erieye system.







      FMV delivers the first six Gripen aircraft to Thailand.          



FMV signs agreement with Saab on development and modification of 60 JAS 39E Gripen aircraft for the Swedish Armed Forces.








The final Gripen aircraft, of 12 in total, is delivered to Thailand.




Swedish JAS 39C/D Gripen aircraft is upgraded to 20 variant, in the most comprehensive of all upgrades delivered by FMV.








The first JAS 39E Gripen series delivery to be made to FMV, from manufacturer Saab.








FMV will deliver the first JAS 39E Gripen variants to the Swedish Armed Forces.








The first JAS 39E Gripen division to be operational in Swedish Armed Forces.



      Entire air force inventory to be upgraded to JAS 39E Gripen. JAS 39C/D Gripen will continue to fly in the service of other customers around the world.          



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Dan Averstad


Dan Averstad

Director Strategic Program – GRIPEN
Phone:+46 8 782 44 37


JAS 39C/D Gripen

Length 14.9 m
Wing span 8.4 m
Height 4.5 m
Wing area 30 m2
Track width 2.4 m
Wheel base 5.2 m

Empty weight approx. 7 000 kg
Total load capacity distributed on eight bulkheads 5 300 kg
Max. Take-off weight 14 000 kg

Max. Speed Mach 2
Max. Speed Mach 1.2
(at sea surface)
Ferry range 3 000 km
G-loads 9 G
Take-off distance 400 m
Landing distance 500 m
Time to 30 000 feet <1 min

Internal capacity 3000 l
Extra tank 1000 l