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The human

When designing the The Gripen System, actual users have been involved from the very beginning. Close cooperation takes place between users, system designers, purchasers, researchers and manufacturers to gain knowledge, among other things, about human, physical, and mental conditions.

Operators and decision makers should also take advantage of the systems aboard the Gripen for command and control purposes, to manage arms efforts, and to get information. It is not the operation of the aircraft itself that becomes the big challenge, but rather the ability to make the right decisions in time.

The pilot can, by the systems on board, detect, assess, decide and act quickly in an efficient and safe way. A successful Gripen pilot should, during severe conditions of mental and physical stress, compile available information to understand the situation, and then make a decision and act on this input.

To assist the pilot, the environment is designed to relieve pressure. Some examples are three major colour indicators, an advanced control system, and a flight suit system.

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