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The JAS 39 Gripen aircraft belongs to the fourth generation aircraft systems. The aircraft has the ability to switch roles in the air between hunting, attack and reconnaissance tasks, or to combine them which means high flexibility. The aircraft is also a very capable information system.

FMV procured the complete JAS 39 Gripen system for the Swedish Armed Forces. FMV represented the Government as provider of the JAS 39 Gripen aircraft to Hungary, the Czech Republic and Thailand. Since 1 January 2011, the newly formed Defence Export Agency, FXM, is responsible for these contracts. FXM is also responsible for future business.

The aircraft was introduced into the Swedish Air Force in 1996, and is today represented within all divisions of the Swedish Air Force.

The Gripen system is designed to meet both present and future requirements with a combination of combat performance and mission availability. The system is based on new and advanced technology, which gives it a very long term and high development potential. The airplanes now being delivered from Saab are adapted to be able to cooperate internationally.

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JAS is an abbreviation for Jakt, Attack, Spaning which are the Swedish words for the different roles of the Gripen aircraft.

  • Jakt - hunting
  • Attack - attack
  • Spaning - reconnaissance