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International environmental cooperation

An important tool for FMV's environmental work is international cooperation. We are engaged in a range of international environmental cooperations.

Cooperation mainly take place within the European Defence Agency regarding the European chemicals legislation, REACH, and the close environmental cooperation with Sweden's Scandinavian neighbors Norway, Denmark and Finland within NORDEFCO (Nordic Defence Cooperation).

Cooperation in EDA Reach and Reach Task Force

Sweden, via FMV, is actively participating in EDA REACH and REACH Task Force. EDA Reach is building a common understanding of defence related REACH topics of interest to the participating Member States and a platform to exchange best practice. Areas of focus are inter alia standardizing, as far as reasonably practicable, national defence exemption procedures and developing a common view for ammunition classification under REACH, which has been identified as an important issue for Defence Ministries and industry.

Environmental cooperation in NORDEFCO

Within the NORDEFCO cooperation (Nordic Defence Cooperation), Sweden is cooperating with Norway, Denmark and Finland regarding environmental aspects on defence related topics.
The group focuses on business-related, common issues with the aim of improving resource utilization of the participating countries.
One outcome of the cooperation is a guide for green acquisition, with the purpose to give support regarding the environmental perspective in national and nordic defence related procurements.


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