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The defence sector's criteria document

"The defence sector's criteria document” is a tool for the defence sector. The purpose is to establish environmental and human health requirements for procurement and purchase of chemical products, articles and services where applicable. By establishing such requirements, the defence sector will contribute to reduce its impact on the environment and human health.

As far as possible, all chemical products and articles supplied to the authorities of the Swedish defence sector should be free from substances that are very toxic, carcinogenic, affect the genetic material, disrupt reproduction, are sensitizing, are hazardous to the environment, affect the climate and have impact on the ozone layer.

The Swedish defence sector authorities have jointly developed and decided on the document "The defence sector's criteria document - chemical substances, chemical products and articles". In this document, the suppliers can find the requirements and how they apply.

The national environmental quality objective, a "Non-toxic Environment", is an area of focus in the environmental work of the defence sector. By jointly establishing the adequate requirements for usage and acquisition, we contribute and make a big difference. The objectives of the criteria document and the requirements on properties and substances are summarized in the folder "The Joint Work of the Defence Sector towards a non-toxic environment" (pdf).

The defence sector’s criteria document version established 2018-07-06

It is important to note that compliance to the criteria does not relieve the Contractor from the obligation to have sufficient competence and responsibility for substances in their chemical products and/or articles. The supplier is responsible to follow both Swedish legislation and EU decided laws, directives and other rules of law that concern the chemical product and/or the article. 


Specific exemptions are given by the defence sector when it is deemed not to be currently technically or economically feasible to avoid certain chemicals or specific substances included in products or articles. These exemptions are specified in the criteria document. If exemption for a specific use of a substance of a chemical product is not mentioned, the supplier can apply for exemption for the use if there are exceptional reasons and if no acceptable substitute is available.

Examples of exceptional reasons are e.g. substances that are required to achieve a certain critical function or when the nature of the work requires use of a specific restricted substance. A prerequisite to apply for exemption is that there are no current legislation obstacles, as restrictions or bans on the use of the substance.

In an application for exemption, the handling shall be well justified and risk assessed by the supplier. Applications for exemptions are regulated separately by the respective authority within the Swedish defence sector, and should be made by using a specific application form., The application form is available both in Swedish and in English.

Applicationform for exemption


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Structure of the Criteria document

Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Requirements of the criteria documents

2.1. Chemical products

  • Guidance on how to implement the criteria document for chemical products.
  • Table 1 shows the criteria for chemical products to be avoided.
  • Table 2 provides additional criteria for restriction of chemical products.

2.2. Articles

  • Guidance on the criteria to be applied to articles.
  • Table 3 provides criteria for the restriction of substances / groups of articles.

Section 3: Exemption from the requirement of the Criteria document

Table 4 and Table 5: Defence Sector excemptions chemical product groups and substances. Information on the application for specific excemptions.

Section 4: Examples of substances covered by the restrictions in the Criteria document
Table 6: Examples of substances that are not accepted according to the criteria in Section 2.

Section 5: Examples of relevant legislation to consider

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