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International CC collaboration

Two men are shaking hands.The world's leading countries in IT security cooperates within the CCRA.

CSEC represents Sweden within CCRA as the national certification body and signatory. In these roles CSEC collaborates in the international development of CC, and provides Sweden´s vote when new countries applies for membership in the organization.

Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement – CCRA

CCRA is an international agreement and a collaboration organization that is based on mutual recognition of CC certificates.

The aims of CCRA

  • Evaluation of IT security in products and systems should be made with high reliability and consistency
  • Increase the amount of evaluated products on the market
  • Avoid repeated evaluations in different countries of the same product
  • Continuously improve the methodology for defining requirements and examining IT security under the Common Criteria, CC 


  • CSEC is Sweden's signatory within the CCRA. This means that CSEC represents and take care of Sweden's interests within the organization
  • CSEC specifies how Sweden can apply CC within the Swedish certification scheme

The organizations member countries

The links below lead to certification bodies and safety authorities to the organization's member countries. The links open in a new window.

Members which issue certificates:

Australiens flaggaAustralia
Kanadas flaggaCanada
Frankrikes flaggaFrance
Tysklands flaggaGermany
Italiens flaggaItaly
Indiens flaggaIndia
Japans flaggaJapan
Malaysias flaggaMalaysia
Nederländernas flaggaNetherlands
Nya Zeelands flaggaNew Zealand
Norges flaggaNorway
Sydkoreas flaggaSouth Korea
Spaniens flaggaSpain
Sveriges flaggaSweden
Turkiets flaggaTurkey
Storbrittanniens flaggaUnited Kingdom
USAs flaggaUSA

Members which recognise certificates issued within the CCRA:

Österrikes flaggaAustria
Tjeckiens flaggaCzech Republic
Danmaks flaggaDenmark
Finlands flaggaFinland
Greklands flaggaGreece
Ungerns flaggaHungary
Israels flaggaIsrael
Pakistans flaggaPakistan
Singapores flaggaSingapore

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Dag Ströman


Dag Ströman

Head of CSEC
Phone:+46 8 782 40 00