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Applications, forms and complaints

You can use our forms when ordering our services, such as licensing of evaluation facilities, certification of IT products, and requests of intepretations.



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Certification application

SP-196 Certification Application with Terms - Form (doc)

Certification application (FMV)

SP-199 Certification Application with Terms (FMV) - Form (doc) 


The Certification Body will document and investigate any formal complaint directed towards it that applies to the certification activities for which it is responsible. To make a complaint, please contact CSEC at Show e-mail address.. More information can be found in SP-007.

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The formal process for managing complaint

SP-007 Quality Manual (pdf)

Report for appeal

SP-092 Appeal Report (doc)
Licensing of ITSEF

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 License Report Form

SP-016 Licensrapport - Blankett (doc)

Application for evaluator status change

SP-022 Evaluator Status Change Application (doc)

Supplement to application for evaluator status change

SP-024 IT Security Competence (doc) 

License application

SP-195 License Application - Form (word)


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Interpretation request

SP-094 Request for Interpretation (doc)


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Mats Engquist

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