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Documents in the Certification System

An update of the Swedish scheme has been published and will be valid from the 2nd of May 2019. The update has version 1.22.2. The update contains the followiing changes. Certifier Assistant is now described. Adapted procedures for having consultants, now closer to ISO 17065 where personnel includes both employees and other personnel. Chapter 8 consistently updated. Administrative changes, the field duration clarified to include unit.

Changes has been added to the following documents:


Links to the documents can be found below.

Current release note

Certification scheme - Scheme Publications

Below you will find documents with detalied information about rules and processes, and requirements on the different parties in the certification system.

Description of content 

Scheme overview and introduction

SP-001 Scheme Overview

The evaluation and certification process

SP-002 Evaluation and Certification

Certificate maintenance

SP-003 Assurance Continuity

Licensing of ITSEF

SP-004 Licensing of Evaluation Facilities

Quality Manual

SP-007 Quality Manual

Price list

SP-008 Charges and Fees v24.0

Conditions for the use of trademarks

SP-070 Conditions for use of trademarks

Framework for the external group that supervises CSEC

SP-103 Terms of reference for the Scheme Advisory Comittee

Policy for certification queues

SP-184 Policy for Certification Queues

Policy for scheme crypto

SP-188 Scheme Crypto Policy

Foreign evaluation facilities within the Swedish Scheme

SP-191 Cross Frontier Evaluation

If you have questions or concerns regarding this, please contact CSEC.


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