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Update of the Swedish Scheme: 1.21

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An update of the Swedish scheme has been published and will be valid from the 15th of November 2017. The update has version 1.21. The update contains changes regarding: SP-003 has changed title. Information regarding re-evaluation has been removed from SP-002. References regarding certificate surveillance has been moved from CB-111 to CB-112. Updated forms of Start-up meeting and First meeting. Changes regarding responsibilities, authority and accountability CSE employees. Clarification regarding CSEC being Scheme Owner. The first page of a few documents has been removed and the version number is now at the bottom of each page. If the changes in SP-003 are not clear, please contact CSEC.

Changes has been added to:

SP-001 Certification and Evaluation Scheme - Scheme Overview (pdf)
SP-002 Evaluation and Certification (pdf)
SP-003 Assurance Continuity (pdf)
SP-007 Quality Manual (pdf)
SP-008 Charges and Fees (pdf)
SP-084 Sponsors and Developers Guide to the Evaluation and Certification (pdf)
SP-092 Appeal Report - Form (word)
SP-094 Request for Interpretation - Form (word)
SP-194 Ansökan om licens - Mall (word)
SP-195 License Application - Form (word)
SP-196 Certification Application with Terms - Form (word)
SP-199 Certification Application with Terms (FMV) - Form (word)

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