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Tests That Provide Answers

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FMV has tested the operational limits of flight limits from the command ship, Carlskrona, at night, and at the same time qualified the airport function of the ship.

250 landings on a minimal helicopter pad in darkness, heavy wind and in rough seas - when FMV tests the limits of Helicopter 15, there is only one thing that counts - realistic conditions.

We are out on the Baltic Sea. There is heavy wind, and in the darkness a helicopter approaches. To be specific, it is the Swedish Armed Force's ship, the HMS Carlskrona. Headlights dance over the ship's helicopter pad as it moves in multiple dimensions simultaneously. The pilot has no easy task ahead of him, with limited reference points in the turbulent environment.

"This is probably one of the more advanced tests that can be done with a helicopter. Everyone involved must know exactly what to do for takeoff and landing to work", says Gunnar Lindell, FMV's project manager.

Darkness Ability for Helicopters and Ship Airports

FMV produces graphs that describe the maximum way in which the ship can move in both roll and pitch. The graphs also describe maximum wind speed in different wind directions in connection with the landing.

The graphs show the preconditions for takeoff and landing in daylight and darkness for three different weight ratios on the helicopter.

Data over the helicopter's movements, wind speed and direction were transferred via a data link from the ship to the helicopter. Inside the helicopter were measuring tools where the ship's data and helicopter's data were presented.

"While testing the operational limits of flight limits from the command ship, Carlskrona, at night, we successfully qualified the airport function of the ship."

Many people involved

Maintenance of the helicopters must be possible to carry out on board; therefore one of the tasks was to validate different types of maintenance equipment on board the ship..

"The prerequisites for such tests include of course, good cooperation between all involved both at FMV and at the Swedish Armed Forces. About a hundred people were involved. We tried several different functions during the same test campaign, which resulted in both financial benefits and in timesaving", says Gunnar Lindell.

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