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Live Transmissions from the Eagle

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SSIC is a ground-based system used to analyze video data from the Eagle 03-System.SSIC is a ground-based system used to analyze video data from the Eagle 03-System.

The tactical UAV aircraft, The Eagle, can remain airborne for six hours. While in the air, it can send video images and data directly to the unit on the ground. This means that the work of analyzing the data can begin immediately without waiting for the Eagle to return to base.

While the Eagle is in flight, linked video is transmitted down to the ground control station in real time. From there it is sent to a container where the processing equipment is located. Here begins the work of quickly analyzing sensor information, to produce images and intelligence reports which form the basis for the unit's planning.

When the Eagle made its first reconnaissance flight in Afghanistan in August of 2011, in order to get the image processing capability to Afghanistan right from the start, FMV developed an interim version in parallel with the regular equipment of the tactical UAV system, the Eagle. Development took approximately a year.

In the spring of 2012 FMV delivered the complete equipment system to the Swedish Armed Forces. The name of the system is SSIC. The system is a ground-based system used to analyze video data from the Eagle 03-System. It is based on the same platform used for evaluation of the images from the Gripen system reconnaissance pod.

The heart of the UAV system

The work of analyzing the information takes place in a 20-foot container packed with equipment for the processing of sensory information. From here the UAV mission is run by controlling the operators responsible for the aircraft and sensors.

"SSIC gives the Swedish Armed Forces the ability to process the sensory information and quickly develop a basis for the planning of operations", says Carl-Martin Larsson, who is responsible for the image processing part in the TUAV-03 project at FMV.

The system can receive data from two 03-UAV systems simultaneously. Furthermore, it is possible to receive data from the Gripen's reconnaissance pod, satellite information, and other UAV platforms or video / imaging systems for easier modifications.

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