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Heavy procurement

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A test team from FMV is subjecting 12 heavy vehicles from four different manufacturers to rigorous trials. Video with swedish speaker.

Many trucks will be procured within the ten-year framework agreement that FMV and Norwegian FLO will sign in collaboration with a truck manufacturer. The agreement includes 12 different types of vehicles and their maintenance.

The sun is shining over a proving ground in southwestern Sweden. A rumble breaks the stillness as a truck approaches at high speed. The driver suddenly makes a quick evasive maneuver causing the max-laden car to sway and swerve between cones placed on the ground, where after it continues straight ahead.

It is the spring of 2012 and we are on FMV's test track outside of Skövde, Sweden where a test team is subjecting 12 heavy vehicles from four different manufacturers to rigorous trials.

"Our tests include evasive maneuvers, accessibility, and starting in cold conditions. We make different measurements and record videos", says Roger Larsson, test leader at FMV. The results that we deliver from these tests provide the project team with information on whether or not each vehicle meets the given requirements.

Bids submitted from four major truck manufacturers qualified to take part in the competition for the framework agreement concerning the heavy-wheeled vehicles that are to be given to both the Swedish and the Norwegian armed forces. The bids came from the Swedish company Scania, the Italian company Iveco, and the German companies: Mercedes and MAN.

"The defense logistics organization in Norway, FLO, is responsible for the procurement. But it is a joint project", says FMV project manager Carl-Johan Widmark.

"The need for this type of vehicle is the same in both countries, and with a joint framework agreement, we gain larger volumes and can reduce costs, especially in terms of the lifecycle of the vehicles considering both spare parts and maintenance."

During the year the Norwegian-Swedish project worked to evaluate all 12 vehicle models based on comprehensive procurement material containing over 130 documents, which among other things, included a list of all the specified requirements. This concerned everything from the commercial terms of mobility, protection, maintenance issues and the finances seen over the vehicle's entire lifetime.

Among the vehicles that are to be procured is everything from civilian-grade trucks that can be used at airports, to armored vehicles for transportation of heavy loads weighting over 70 tons.

"In connection with the signing of the agreement there will also be suborders. These deliveries will begin one or two years after that", says Carl-Johan Widmark.

The plan is to sign both the framework agreement and maintenance contract in June of 2013.


The vehicles in the norweigien-swedish frameagrement is:

  • Heavy Equipment Transporter
  • Hook Lift Truck
  •  Dump Truck
  •  Recovery Truck I och II
  •  Cargo Truck with Crane
  • Cargo Truck with Tailgate Lift
  • High mobility Truck
  • Medium Truck
  • Airport Support Truck I och II
  • Airport Tractor Truck

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