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Flexible radio communication

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Picture of the new 1570 radio unit.Communicate both within the group and with the platoon chief with the same radio unit is now possible.

In tough situations internal communication is vital. With the new soldier radio it is now possible to send data, and also to listen and transmit on two different radio networks simultaneously. Communicate both within the group and with the platoon chief with the same radio unit is now possible.

A group of soldiers on a mission has an urgent need to communicate both within the group and with the platoon chief. The ability to handle both types of communications in a simple way, and to be able to transfer data, has been long awaited. With the new generation of group radios, this has become possible.

"Now it will be much easier for the commander to simultaneously manage group networks, and platoon networks", says Maria Asplund Wakander, project manager at FMV.

The earlier versions of Internal Group Radio (IGR) were introduced into the Swedish Armed Forces in 2006. They cover the need for voice communication both within the group and between the group and the vehicles, but it is a solution that requires two radio systems. FMV has now supplemented the IGR system with new handheld and vehicle mounted devices and fixtures that add several new capabilities.

Among other things, the new radio delivers data with a bandwidth of approximately 12kbps, at the frequencies and configurations used today.

Magic box creates flexibility

To make it easy to use different radios, headsets and intercom systems, FMV has developed an inter-connect unit in close cooperation with the Swedish Armed Forces and Sweden's Land Warfare Centre (Army Academy).

It allows users to simultaneously send and listen to two different types of radio stations, and via intercom to be plugged into a vehicle using a noise-canceling headset. Maria Asplund-Wakander is very pleased to have succeeded in realizing get this capability.

"By adding this little "can", we have created a lot great deal of flexibility for the user."

Complex integration

The Group radio project has made its procurements from existing products already on the market. The requirements for products are exacting. The equipment should, among other things, be able to withstand the most diverse of environments and also be safe to use.

But although this project has not been one of development work, it has not been without its problems.

"The products are each individually performance-competent, but when products from different manufacturers are to be integrated into a system, the slightest modification must be checked so that it does not affect the other units", says Maria Asplund Wakander.

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