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Short take off for the Eagle UAV-system

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Picture of the UAV ready for take off.The first sharp mission for the Eagle UAV-system was in august 2011.

The tactical UAV system Eagle took off for the first sharp mission in Afghanistan in early August. FMV had managed to deliver a complete flying system in a little more than a year.

Through close cooperation between the FMV, the Armed Forces and the main supplier, Saab, a new tactical UAV system could be developed and adapted to Swedish needs.

After the procurement where FMV had set the specifications of the system, the project within the unit Air and Space worked closely with monitoring, certification, accreditation and finally verification of the system.

- The timetable was extremely tight from the start, says Stefan Tenor, project manager. But thanks to good cooperation between all parties involved and the fact that it is a proven system, it was possible to deliver and deploy the system in the Armed Forces in such a short time.

UAV system "Shadow 200" from AAI Corporation is the basis of the acquisition. It will include the development and integration of image processing equipment from Saab.

When the eagle flies, video is linked down to the ground control station in real time and passed from there to the container in which the processing equipment is located. The sensor information is then analyzed, photos checked and intelligence reports produced for the Armed Forces planning.

Background and facts:

The background to the order of the UAV 03 Eagle is that the Armed Forces will replace the tactical UAV system Owl. The eagle will contribute to improved reconnaissance capability.

The acquisition includes two UAV systems. Each system includes a ground control station, four aircraft, data link equipment, takeoff and landing equipment, an intelligence / processing unit.

The contract also includes supplying spare parts, documentation, training, maintenance and building repairs and maintenance for the first three years of operation.

Facts: (aircraft)

Weight: ~ 170 kg
Span: ~ 4 m
Endurance: ~ 6 hours
Range: ~ 125 km

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