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Increased safety for patrolling soldiers

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A number of RG32 4x4 Light Armoured Vehicle is now complemented with the weapon station Protector. FMV, which runs the project, recently submitted the first vehicle to the Armed Forces.

With the weapon station mounted the RG32 has an advanced self-protection. Weapon station is mounted on the roof while the operator sits inside the vehicle. From here he can scout the surrounding area by using the camera, both in daylight and also in the dark. An infrared camera increases ability to operate in the dark. There is also a laser rangefinder.

- Those who patrol with the Light Armoured Vehicle equipped with weapons station, has a very good protection. Just that the operator can sit inside the vehicle enhances safety, says Lena Jansson, who is project manager at FMV. The opportunities to scout also increases significantly.

On the weapon station, which is gyro stabilized, the arms of four different calibers can be mounted, both machine guns and grenade gun. They are controlled from inside the vehicle.

Army Inspector Berndt Grundevik, sees it as an important contribution to increasing the safety for Swedish soldiers where FS22, the 22 Swedish force that now is turning to Afghanistan will have access to the vehicle.

- Using the right equipment, we can increase the security of our soldiers. Recently, both combat vest and tactical UAVs and now Light Armoured Vehicle RG 32 with weapon station. A close cooperation between the Armed Forces and FMV led to these new additions in a short time, says the Army Inspector Grundevik.

Protector, which is developed by the Norwegian company Kongsberg, has been produced for ten years in different varieties. Cooperation between the countries of the Swedish-developed Archer artillery system has led to the conclusion that FMV procure Protector not only for the Light Armoured Vehicle RG 32, but also for Archer, Armoured Off-road 203 and Armoured Wheeled Vehicle 360.

Weapons Station 01, which is the Swedish name, is an improved version. The supplier calls it Protector Nordic, and will in its final version meet the Swedish requirements.

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