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Delivery of Gripen fighter aircraft to Thailand

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At a ceremony in Thailand February 22 FMV handed over six Gripen fighter aircrafts from the latest C- and D-version to the Royal Thai Air Force. This completes the final delivery of the first phase of the integrated air defense system that Thailand procured.

Dilivery of Gripen Fighter aircraft in Thailand
Just before Christmas, FMV delivered the first parts of the air defense systems that Sweden and Thailand agreed on in 2008. And today FMV completed its commitment by delivering the six Gripen aircrafts. They arrived in Thailand after having flown from Sweden via Hungary, Crete, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman and India.

"We have now successfully delivered a complete air defense system. Swedish pilots and technicians will now help Thailand to start using the system", says Arne Héden, head of Gripen Thailand at FMV.

The agreement of 2008 between FMV, as a representative of Sweden and Thailand, covers six Gripen aircraft (four Jas 39D and two Jas 39C) with associated equipment and services, a Saab 340 aircraft with airborne radar surveillance system, a Saab 340 for transport and education and an integrated Command and Control system with data links.

The agreement contains, in addition, an extensive logistical support, training for Thai pilots and technicians as well as simulators. Sweden will also help as advisors in Thailand during the introduction of the Gripen and the Erieye system in the Royal Thai Air Force.

The equipment, together with the commitment to train pilots and technicians as well as bilateral agreements for the development of advanced data link and transfer of technology, form a comprehensive solution.

In November 2010 FMV signed a new agreement with Thailand, which covers additional six Gripen fighters of the latest C version, along with a Saab 340 with Erieyeradar and the Swedish missile RB 15F. Delivery of the components will take place during 2012 and 2013.

As part of the contract, Sweden will transfer the latest technology in advanced military aircraft to Thailand. The purpose of this is through long-term partnership develop the aerospace and defense skills in Thailand. This will also serve as a base for industry in Thailand in terms of future development.

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