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Quick, Safe with Good Observation

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With its speed, high level of protection and good observation, the Patria armoured vehicle (Swedish: Pansarterrängbil 360) is a long-awaited and welcome addition to the Swedish Armed Forces. Despite time pressures and high expectations it looks like FMV will achieve its delivery targets.

A really good vehicle with mobility that is almost as good as a tracked vehicle, and very comfortable for an infantry section. And it’s fun to drive.Bodil Böös, Captain, South Skåne Regiment and Patria instructor.

Despite the uneven ground the vehicle moves quickly across the exercise area. The fact that it weighs about 25 tonnes is not a problem, as the vehicle sets off at high speed. A vehicle commander, driver, gunner and eight soldiers can move at speed, observing their surroundings without having to leave the vehicle.

- This vehicle is long-awaited and essential for the tasks we face in the future. It has the mobility, observation and the protection we need, at the same time offering a comfortable ride to the soldiers onboard, says Major Jonas Nilsson, project leader for the introduction of the vehicle at P7, the South Skåne Regiment, in Revingehed.

In spring 2013 FMV delivered the first Patria vehicles to the Armed Forces. These were used to train instructors, who will, in turn, train vehicle crews.

- In 2015 the Regiment’s 71st Battalion will be part of the EU’s rapid reaction force where this vehicle will have a real role to play, says Jonas Nilsson.


FMV had to repeat the initial tender process after an appeal first time round. This meant that the project was in difficulties from the beginning and resulted in time pressure, with expectations being that the delivery schedule would still be met.

This placed, and still places, considerable demands on FMV and the supplier, Patria, in the day-to-day work on the project, says FMV’s project manager, Ulf Öberg.

- We have three major challenges – the schedule, the Armed Forces’ expectations, and maintaining good relations with the supplier. Because of the agreements we have reached in the last year, we have a workable plan, but there certainly is a lot of work to do before we complete delivery.

The Patria vehicle will be supplied to the Armed Forces’ light mechanised battalions. Procurement of this vehicle system includes four variants: armoured personnel carrier, command vehicle, ambulance and repair vehicle. FMV’s contract with Patria is for the supply of 113 vehicles.

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