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On the Look out

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It is battery-powered, easy to carry and provides surveillance pictures in near real time – it is a mini UAV system.It is battery-powered, easy to carry and provides surveillance pictures in near real time – it is a mini UAV system.

”They are small air vehicles, but to get them certifi cation in accordance with the regulations for military aviation, we’ve gone through the same process that applies for full sized aircraft.” Stefan Tenor, project manager, FMV.

‒ It’s very easy to handle this equipment – we assemble the air vehicle itself, set up the ground station and check the system, then we’re off, says Peter Düberg Banke, a section commander at P7, the South Skåne Regiment, who is on a 12-week course about the UAV system.

The complete new mini UAV system fits into a few bags. From the moment these bags are unloaded from their transport, it takes 5-10 minutes to get an air vehicle up in the air and on its way to the area to be monitored.

Pictures in all conditions

One system includes three electrically powered air vehicles – two smaller and one larger. Using a common ground station, operators can fly the vehicles and receive surveillance pictures. The smaller vehicles have a flying time of 45 minutes and the larger can be airborne for two hours. Whilst they are airborne they can send near real time video to operators on the ground, both in daylight and, with the help of an IR camera, in reduced light conditions.

Stefan Tenor project manager Stefan Tenor has been with the project from the very beginning, from requirement definition to competitive tendering, through evaluation and negotiations to contract. The contract also includes spare parts, training, documentation, and support for certification and continuous airworthiness.

‒ Certification in accordance with the regulations for military aviation was completed at the beginning of 2013 and, despite the fact that they are small air vehicles, we went through the whole process in order to guarantee safety.

Video games are an advantage

An American company, Aero Vironment Inc, is supplying the new mini UAV system, which will replace the ‘Falken’ system being used by the Armed Forces in Afghanistan.

FMV will deliver 12 complete systems; however, unlike ‘Falken’ – which is only used by Special Forces – ‘Svalan’ and ‘Korpen’ will be more widely distributed in Army units. After his UAV course, Peter Düberg Banke will be employed as an instructor with P7 in Revinge.

‒ These air vehicles are quite easy to fly; the difficulty is in flying them so that the picture quality is good. If you’ve played a lot of video games, you do have an advantage – it’s all about interpreting pictures on a screen and reacting accordingly.

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