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FMV tests encryption solutions

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By reducing the amount of data and transmit in a predefined format, data traffic that works well in the military systems is achieved.By reducing the amount of data and transmit in a predefined format, data traffic that works well in the military systems is achieved.

To be able to communicate, to send and receive data, without the risk of someone else that listens in, is crucial for a nations military capability. But to achieve well working encryption it must be configured, tested and evaluated. And when something go wrong, it is important to have fast access to the right competence and equipment. This is to be found in the FMV’s reference laboratory in Enköping.

The only thing hinting that this is not your everyday laboratory is the clear blue equipment in the 19 inch rack. This is where the encryption takes place.

We encrypt the data and communications with the ambition to protect it for many years to come, according to Mathias Eriksson who is responsible for the laboratory in Enköping.

A difference compared to work with civilian products is that in some cases the data protected here cannot be valued in money.

-I know that what we do here is important. It feels good every day I go to work, says Mathias Eriksson.

Encryption system

Tests give answers

The encryption laboratory delivers crypto to the different reference installations. Here Mathias Eriksson and his colleagues recreate error messages and deviations in order to solve the problems without interfering with the real equipment. Apart from this, future configurations are tested.

– It is one thing to read the specification and other documentation were the manufacturer describes the functionality and a different thing to test using your own systems. Here we have the infrastructure and the competence to test and develop the equipment that the Armed Forces need.

At the same time that the laboratory is a part of running reference installations, the group is developing future configurations.

– In this way we can run both present and future configurations at the same time and switch between them in order to see that everything is working as it should.

Influences the performance

Since the laboratory delivers crypto services to various programmes the FMV can reduce the costs by not having to invest in costly equipment for each programme.

Since it is fast to change between different modes of usage the different programmes do not have to unnecessarily block the expensive equipment. Our customers only rent the resources that they require.

A crypto almost always have a negative influence upon the performance of the other equipment. That is why it is important to test the IT-systems to see that it is designed for the transmission and the crypto to be used.

Many designs are using an Internet perspective, were there are vast amounts of capacity. But generally both military links and encryption has lower performance. By keeping down the amount of data to be handled by the application and by using standard formats a narrow band traffic that works well in the military environment is achieved. 

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