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FMV builds camp in Mali

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This is the sort of camp FMV will build in Timbuktu, Mali.This is the sort of camp FMV will build in Timbuktu, Mali.

Not later than March next year shall Swedish units be in place in Mali in order to help the UN gather information about the situation in Mali. Before that FMV shall have built a camp suitable for 300 persons in Timbuktu.

The planning and the technical design has been ongoing since last spring. The building of the camp began In the middle of November. 300 containers with building materiel and construction machines has by then been transported to Mali.

An establishment force, mainly staffed by the engineering regiment Ing2, will perform the actual construction under the supervision of FMV.

The establishment force will be supported by Norwegian experts. This is due to that we decided to use the Norwegian concept that is well proven during their former UN missions, this according to Thomas Svensson who is manager of planning at the FMV.

The Swedish contribution will be a part of the 2700 person camp that the UN is building. The UN has much experience and effektive processes achieved during numerous international missions. This is the first larger mission where the ability of FMV to manage all the defence logistics is put to the test.

We are humble and just starting to learn how to work within the UN framework. At the same time we must see to that the Swedish force gets the best prerequisites possible in order to perform their work. As an example, when the Norwegians build their camp in two months, FMV needed three months, at least this first time.

Construction, operation and disposal desert transportation

Apart from building the camp, FMV is also responsible to ensure that all the materiel is in place when the building force arrive. Among other things this regards communication equipment and vehicles. The vehicles shall be specially equipped, served and repainted in UN colours. Some equipment also has to be modified in order to function in the hot climate.

When the construction of the camp is ready, installation of special equipment for information gathering has to be made before the camp can be considered fully operative.

But FMV’s mission does not end here. When the camp is operative, FMV has the responsibilities of operation and maintenance of the camp. And when the mission is ending it’s the responsibility of FMV to dispose of the camp. Then FMV has gone through the whole circle for the responsibility of the defence logistics.    

From materiel to overall responsibility

Previously FMV was an organisation solely dedicated to procurement and development of defence materiel, but is now going trough a change in order to also be able to deliver mission logistics. This makes FMV similar to a military operative logistics unit and puts the organisation at test. The processes at the FMV are not yet modified to handle the role as supplier of defence logistics, sometimes this leads to friction within the FMV when it comes to solving tasks such as the mission in Mali. Internally we have much left to do before our processes are adjusted to fit this kind of mission logistics, according to Thomas Svensson.

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