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Custom-built Containers – More Effective Logistics

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Two units became a successful modification of the Swedish Armed Forces water tanks.Two units became a successful modification of the Swedish Armed Forces water tanks.

From the outside they look exactly the same, but on the inside they are completely different – and the transformation takes place in a storage building on a gravel yard next to the railway line at FMV’s Skövde workshop.

The Armed Forces sleep in them, they shower, do laundry, prepare food, command operations and take care of the wounded in them; they even transport and store equipment in them. In the last 15 years a lot of Armed Forces activities have moved into containers. The reason for this move is the complete compatibility with civilian commercial transport systems, which is particularly useful for international operations.

The latest addition to the range of custom-made containers is a catering container for the Amphibious Regiment’s logistic support boat. The system is made up of two containers – one kitchen container and tented dish-washing facilities, which are on the boat, and a storage container, which is ashore.

At an early stage FMV’s Storage, Service and Workshop Division (FSV), and the Land Workshop in Skövde contacted the Development Unit of the Logistics Regiment, and cooks from the Amphibious Regiment, to help in the design of the kitchen.

– It’s important to get the user involved at an early stage so that we can build according to their wishes, and take into account any rules and regulations, and costs. This has allowed us to get things right from the start, rather than having to make expensive modifications later on. By working this way we have been able to keep the costs of the project down, says Claes Binnberg, the Container Workshop Supervisor.

Successful two into one modification

The Container Workshop in Skövde is about to complete a major modification project. The project involves the Armed Forces’ water tanks, which previously came as two separate units – a tank and a pumping unit – which had to be demanded separately, and each unit had its own instruction book.

– The pumping unit came in a wooden crate, which was transported on top of the tank; this presented certain ergonomic problems in that the pump had to be lifted up and down in order to be used. And, of course, people sometimes just ordered a tank and forgot the pump. This made things difficult when they wanted to get water out of the tank, says Claes Binnberg.

By building a cabinet at the front of the tank, to house the pump and other equipment, the tank unit is now one complete system. So now, when users demand a tank, it comes complete with a pump and simple instructions.

– We’ve had a really good response from the water supply trainers in the Logistics Regiment, says Claes Binnberg.

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