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Better Living Conditions for Dante

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Dante is highly educated and trained for search and rescue missions. Dante is highly educated and trained for search and rescue missions.

Dante, a German Shepherd, specialises in searching for people. On missions in various places around the world, he needs a pleasant environment between tasks – and he gets this with the mobile kennels developed by FMV.

The Armed Forces Dog Unit in Märsta trains dogs for a variety of specialised roles, including ammunition, narcotics or search dogs and patrol dogs. With the Armed Forces’ focus on international operations, there is a requirement to employ dogs on various specialised tasks.

When dogs deploy on a mission with their handlers there are many requirements, some of which are covered by animal welfare legislation. FMV’s task was to develop kennels that fulfilled all these requirements.

The kennels should also be mobile so that they can be transported to different locations, both within Sweden and abroad.

Kristina Almqvist  project manager Kristina Almqvist was the project manager responsible for developing the mobile kennel. She explains that FMV previously developed a prototype, which is in use in Afghanistan. A further four kennels are now ready for use by the Armed Forces.

 - We got a lot of good feedback from those who have used the prototype in Afghanistan, both about what was missing and things that could be improved.

Everything in one container

 The kennel is basically a converted container. All the equipment needed for the dogs can be found in the container, including a special table for medical examinations.

- We have had very good cooperation with the Armed Forces, especially their senior vet, says Kristina. There are a lot of rules and regulations about working with animals and we have taken these into account when designing this equipment.

In each container there is room for four dogs. They have plenty of space with individual kennels, individual covered rest areas and a separate exercise area. The container has running water and air conditioning so they can be used in both hot and cold climates.

- When I have been out on visits and seen the dogs at the Armed Forces’ Dog Unit, it’s been great fun. The dogs are incredibly well trained and very clever. It feels really good to be able to develop such a practical and comfortable solution for these lovely dogs.

One of the mobile kennels

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