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FMV has signed an agreement for continued development of Gripen

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Lennart Sindahl, Håkan Buskhe, Saab and Lena Erixon and Dan Averstad, FMV, signing the largest industrial agreement in Swedish history.Lennart Sindahl, Håkan Buskhe, Saab and Lena Erixon and Dan Averstad, FMV, signing the largest industrial agreement in Swedish history.

FMV has signed an agreement with Saab to develop and modify 60 JAS 39 Gripen E for the Swedish Armed Forces. The agreement also includes provisions for new production of the JAS 39 Gripen E to Switzerland, provided that Switzerland decides to acquire the Gripen. Deliveries will start in 2018 and are scheduled to continue until 2026.

The agreement is designed so that it contains a number of sub-orders that will be settled later in 2013 and in 2014. This initial order concerns development and production preparation. Future orders will include production, support -and maintenance systems. The cost of the contract is SEK 47.2 billion.

The agreement contains elements that regulate what will apply if Switzerland should decide not to acquire the Gripen. The Gripen contract with Switzerland is handled by the Swedish Defence Export Authority (FXM).

- I am very pleased with the agreement FMV has negotiated in collaboration with Saab. It goes without saying that behind Sweden's largest industrial agreement is a comprehensive and highly demanding work from both FMV and Saab. The Swedish Ministry of Defence the Swedish Armed Forces and The Swedish Defence Export Authority has also participated in the work. With this agreement, FMV will deliver a cost effective and skilled fighter system to the Swedish Armed Forces, says Lena Erixon FMV's Director General.

Now FMV begin the process of translating the content of the agreement into practice. This will place great demands on FMV to initially work with the development and production part and then go on working to maintain the Gripen system for the next 25-30 years.

- It is a long-term effort that we at FMV now will commence. To develop and maintain the Gripen system for the next 25-30 years is a challenging task and while we should be humbled by the task, it is stimulating and challenging to work with such an extensive project as the Gripen system, says Dan Averstad, Project manager for Gripen at FMV.

With the new JAS 39 Gripen E the Swedish Armed Forces will operate a fighter aircraft system with new and advanced capabilities to meet future operational requirements. The new JAS 39 Gripen E has a more powerful engine, more internal fuel for improved range and endurance, increased number of weapon pylons and maximum payload. New radar with active electronically scanned array (AESA), upgraded presentation systems in the cockpit and modern avionics (aircraft electronics) enhances the ability to perform successful missions.

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