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Sensor Symposium 2016

Patrolling off the Somalian coast. Photo: Mats Nyström, Swedish Armed Forces

Every two years FMV arrange the Sensors Symposium in co-operation with the Swedish Armed Forces. The objective is to raise the competence level among personnel of both the Swedish Armed Forces and other defense agencies regarding our sensor systems and the information they generate.

The symposium will focus on research and development of sensors and sensor technologies, on a long term basis. It will also cover present system developments, including trends in architecture and processing technologies and methods.

The symposium is aimed primarily at government and industry in the defense sector in Sweden, but also foreign lecturers and guests are invited. Here you can take part of Powerpoint presentations from the day.

1 Opening Address Vice Admiral Jan Thörnqvist, Chief of Operations, Swedish Armed Forces
2 The NATO Joint
ISR Initiative
Mr. Kurt Veum, NCIA, JISR SL.
3 Swedish ISR Roadmap Col. Anders Stenström, Swedish Armed Forces
4 A Swedish Sensor Strategy
Lt Col Martin Bergstrand, Swedish Armed Forces HQ
5 MAJIIC2, in support of NATO’s Future Mission Network Mr. Kurt Veum, NCIA, JISR SL
6     Passive radar, an overview Prof. Lars Ulander, FOI
7 Mali – Intelligence Work in a Conflict Area MSG Magnus Johansson, 32nd Intelligence Battalion
8 Recent ISR Research Activities in Finland Prof. Jari Hartikainen, Finnish Defence Research Agency
9 Sensors System Developments for the Ground Forces Capt.(A) Fredrik Karlsson, Land Warfare Centre
10 Capability in Exploitation Capt.(A) Nicholas Bertel, C J2E, Swedish Joint
Forces Command
11 Short brief on the Ukraine Conflict and the Usage of Sensor Systems Mr. Carl Fischerström, FMV
12 Next Step of the Swedish Defence
Space Strategy
LtCol Martin Anderberg, Swedish Armed
Forces HQ
13 Sensors for space object detection Dr. Lisa Rosenqvist, FOI
14 Satellite Services for Surveillance & Reconnaissance, Navigation, Communication and Space Situational Awareness Mr. Björn Ohlson & mr. Petrus Hyvönen, Swedish Space Corporation
15 Added capability of detect and track small UAVs Mr. Mats Johansson, Saab AB
16 ARL West, A New Model for US Department of Defense Science and Technology COL (Retd.) Cynthia Bedell, Army Research Lab, US
17 The Role of Hyperspectral Technology in an ISR Context Lt Cdr Sergio Ugo De Ceglie, Italian Navy, IT
18 Autonomous Optical Augmentation Demonstrator Mr. Sten Edström, FMV
19 Hyperspectral imaging; cheap, small and light
weight cameras
Mr. Sebastian Möller, FOI
20 Intelligent Reconnaissance Functions Mr. Fredrik Näsström, FOI
21 Ground Sensor Systems – Past, Present and Future Mr. Thomas Jørgensen, Exensor
22 Connected Battlefield Mr. Edwin Tromp, Cisco, NL
23 Artificial Intelligence/BOTs Mr. Peter Merkert, Microsoft
24 RAAISR, the intelligent airborne data node Mr. Bob Moll, Spacemetric
25 Advanced tactical sensor solutions Mr. Patrick Drach, Safran Electronics & Defense, Vectronix AG, CH
26 Swedish Submarine Sensors Cdr SG Ulf Norén, FMV
27 Polarimetry – in sensors and for protection Dr. Tomas Hallberg, FOI
28 Multi-spectral Electro-Optical Sensor Systems Mr. Anders GM Dahlberg, FLIR Systems AB
29 Comprehensive ISR offering, from Sensor to Decision Mr. David Burridge, Space and Intelligence Systems, Harris Corporation, UK
30 Multispectral Electro-optics Airborne and Ground Solutions Mr. Gal Nir, Elbit Systems ISTAR-Elop
31 Closing Remarks BG Lennart Axelsson, Head of C4ISR Department, FMV

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