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Test and Evaluation

Test of flight safety equipment at the test and evaluation division in Linköping, Sweden.Test of flight safety equipment at the test and evaluation division in Linköping, Sweden.

The Test and Evaluation Division (T&E) is responsible for the verification and validation of all elements that are part of the complete systems delivered by FMV to the Armed Forces. T&E also sells their services to Swedish and international customers and, in collaboration with the Swedish Armed Forces, sells training exercise opportunities to the armed forces of other nations.

T&E carries out tests and evaluations to provide the user with an appropriate and useable description of the product's technical function and utility in situations where it will be used. This typically results in a number of recommendations based on the user's technical and tactical requirements, and proposals for restrictions based on performance, systems and information security.

T&E also submits a list of any deficiencies to the client, for a decision about any corrective measures to be taken. Depending on the type of test, they may also suggest appropriate measures.

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Fredrik Bergman


Fredrik Bergman

Head of Test and Evaluation Division
Phone:+46 8 782 45 21