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Systems and Production Management

The Systems and Production Management Division is the meeting place for the needs of the Armed Forces and FMV’s collective capability to fulfil them. This means we are the first point of contact for the Armed Forces, particularly when it comes to dialogue with the Armed Forces about their requirements in the short and long terms – we also coordinate FMV’s delivery of those requirements.

Our responsibility is to deliver defence logistics to the Swedish Armed Forces. This includes planning, design, implementation and evaluation. The same responsibilities apply for the products and services that FMV delivers to other customers.

In addition, we also:

  • Coordinate international defence materiel cooperation and support for the commercial export of defence products
  • Hold the responsibility for new export agreements
  • Manage research and development activities
  • Conduct technical intelligence (TECHINT).

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Thomas Engevall


Thomas Engevall

Chef System- och produktionsledning
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