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Procurement and Logistics

The Procurement and Logistics Division’s main task is to deliver equipment availability to the Swedish Armed Forces and its units both within and beyond Sweden’s borders.

This involves both procuring the equipment and logistic support required by units of the Swedish Armed Forces, and continuously monitoring the equipment status in order to initiate the necessary maintenance measures. The Division must also decide on what equipment will be operational, or undergoing maintenance and servicing, or kept in storage (equipment management).

The Division is responsible for the procurement and equipment management of everything from underwear, equine equipment and chainsaws... to tanks, submarines and helicopters.

We work directly with the users/units and are in a continual dialogue about units’ needs.

The Division has approximately 1,000 employees who are based at some 20 locations across Sweden.

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Christer Sundin


Christer Sundin

Manager Procurement and Logistics
Phone:+46 8 782 53 60
Mobile:+46 73 850 93 78