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Areas of Operation

Upgrades to the Armed Forces’ medical services include the Ambulance 301.Upgrades to the Armed Forces’ medical services include the Ambulance 301.

FMV ensures that the Swedish Armed Forces have the equipment they need, and that it works when and where it is needed. The main tasks can be divided into three areas,


Sustainability involves ensuring that the units of the Armed Forces have access to the equipment they need at all levels of readiness. This means we must have the technical expertise in systems and services, and a holistic overall view of equipment life cycles. We also carry out servicing, maintenance and depot management.

Early Support

Support during the early stages of the Armed Forces’ strategic and development work involves our participation in dialogue about unit needs, and in being able to offer options in terms of equipment and logistic solutions. We also convert functional requirements into technical requirements, and ensure that the various technical systems work together.

Procurement of Equipment and Services

The procurement of equipment and services is required in order to meet the specified defence capabilities, and to ensure that the existing equipment works. We also procure other required support for running FMV’s business, such as administration, facilities management and office supplies. We endeavor to place more block or combined orders, and take a holistic view of the delivery of goods and services.

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